How to Win Cash From Daman Games App [Earning Trick]

What is Daman Games?

daman games

Daman Games App is an Online Gaming platform, Where you can play games like WinGo and colour prediction. These are very popular games and there are 4 types of games available in this game, by playing which you can earn rewards. The most popular Daman game is Wingo, in which you have get reward by colour prediction. To play Daman games, register step by step with the process given below.

How To Register – Daman Games App

Daman Games AppSign Up Now
Daman Games Sign Up β‚Ή9870 Bonus
Daman Games Earn MoneyRs.500 Per Refer
Daman LoginπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
  • First of all, you have to go to the official website by clicking on the Daman Games Link
  • Enter Your Mobile Number After Country Code
  • Set Your Password (You have to select the password according to your own which you can remember. If you forget your password, you can reset it later by clicking on forgot password)
  • Enter This h4u6B664719 Referral (Recommendation) Code and Click on I Agree to Privacy Policy
  • After filling in all the fields, click on the Register button. Your Daman account has been created, now you can start playing games

How to Play Daman Games?

Daman Game Apk Is Online Sports Games Where You Can Earn Rewards By Playing Colours Prediction, Daman Games Lotto, Sports, and Many More WinGo Games. To play Daman Games Online you have to first register and contact the teacher. Which will guide you completely on how to play this game. Apart from this, if you have any problem, then they will also tell you the solution. to Contact Teacher Aisha Click on the Telegram Link given Above.

Available Games in Daman

  • Win Go
  • TRX Hash
  • 5D Lotre
  • K3 Lotre

How to Play Daman Game Wingo

  1. Open Your Daman App and Go to The Win Go Section
  2. You Can Choose Your Time 1, 3, 5, Or Minute Select Your Colour (Green, Red, Or Violet), Size (Big + Small), Or Number
  3. Set Your Bet Amount, Click on Agree on Presale Rule, and Confirm Bet
  4. Wait for the results according to your selected time. If your prediction is correct, you will get rewards
  5. You will get a 1.9X return on your invested amount on the correct size and color prediction and an 8X return on your invested amount on the correct number prediction.

Key Features Of Daman Games

  • Play Without Investment for Promotion Bonus
  • You do not have to pay any fees for withdrawal in Daman Game
  • get a bonus of up to 6 levels in this game
  • Every 2 months a gold offer comes from Daman Games, in which anyone can participate
  • You get a bonus in many ways for referring your friends
  • The only Amazing Games that get Bonus Upto 6 Levels
  • 24Γ—7 Customer Support Available

How to Refer Friends in Daman Games

  • Open Your Daman app and Login
  • Click on the promotion button (After login to the game, you will see the promotion button in the center at the bottom)
  • Click On Copy Link and Copy Your Invitation Link
  • Share the link with your friends on social media
  • As soon as someone joins your link, they will be added to your members
  • You can see the people you referred on My Team Section
  • Whenever the people added by you add someone, they will count in your 2nd level. By doing this you can get a bonus of up to 6 levels in this game

How Much Money Can Be Made From Daman Games

If you work properly then you can easily earn 50k Reward Points a month from this app. If you want to earn points a lot, you will have to pay attention to other offers as well as play your games. You can earn a good amount of Reward Points without any risk by doing your promotion mission, gold offer, and daily commission Bonus. If we talk about me, I earn around 100k Point every month from this app without playing games. My main source of earnings is the Daily commission bonus and Daman Gold offer which gives me a commission of around 2K to 6K daily.

Invite MembersRewards Bonus
Invite 1 Valid Memberβ‚Ή55 Points
Invite 3 Valid Membersβ‚Ή155 Points
Invite 10 Valid Membersβ‚Ή555 Points
Invite 30 Valid Membersβ‚Ή1555 Points
Invite 70 Valid Membersβ‚Ή3355 Points
Invite 200 Valid Membersβ‚Ή10955 Points
Invite 500 Valid Membersβ‚Ή25555 Points
Invite 1000 Valid Membersβ‚Ή48555 Points
Invite 5000 Valid Membersβ‚Ή355555 Points

March-April VIP Reward

You have 2 months (March 1- April 30) to complete the task. Our reward is continuing to serve our good agents this month. The minimum requirement now is at least 20 VALID INVITES with at least 3 times recharge.

  1. πŸ”…1000 invites – 12,49,000 rs worth of Points
  2. πŸ”…500 invites – 500k rs worth of Pure Gold Bar
  3. πŸ”…200 invites – 200k rs worth of Gold Points Treasure
  4. πŸ”…150 invites – 100k worth of Gold Points Treasure
  5. πŸ”…100 invites – 50k worth of Gold Points Treasure
  6. πŸ”…75 invites – 30k worth of Gold Points Treasure
  7. πŸ”…50 invites – 20k worth of Gold Points Treasure
  8. πŸ”…30 invites – 10k worth of Gold Points Treasure
  9. πŸ”…20 invites – 5k worth of Gold Points Treasure

Daily Invite Extra Bonus

  • 1 invitation can participate in a private forecast
  • Invite 2 friends extra bonus 55rs Points
  • Invite 3 friends extra bonus 115rs Points
  • Invite 9 friends and get an extra Rs 355 Points
  • Invite 17 friends and get an extra Rs 799 Points
  • Invite 29 friends and get an extra Rs 999 Points
  • Invite 39 friends to get extra Rs 1599 Points
  • Invite more than 59 friends extra bonus 3599 rs Points
  • Bonuses are delivered the next day πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

Daman Games Tricks

If you play colour prediction in Daman games then I am going to tell you a very Cool Daman Games hack trick. If you will follow, your winning chances will increase up to 90%. Although it is impossible to read the algorithm of colour prediction games, there are some tricks following which you can increase your winning. I will tell you 2 tricks. If you follow them step by step then you will benefit.

First of all, you go to Daman App’s Wingo section, after that you have to follow this trick in Wingo. You have to start the prediction according to your budget and as much as possible you have to start the low bet in the beginning. If you win you have to restart your prediction and if you lose then you have to invest 3x in the next round. By following such a 3x investment method, you will be in profit whenever you win.

But in the 3x investment method, you don’t have to bet blindly, I will tell you which colour you have to bet on. Whenever you start the bet, you have to bet only on the colour that came before it. For example, you bet 1 rupee on red and if you get green in the Result, then you have to bet 3 rupees on the green in the next round. By following this trick whenever one color comes along with 2 Times then you will win.

Daman Games Customer Number

The customer support of this game is very good, you can talk to customer care in many ways. You can also chat with customer care on a live chat along with WhatsApp and Telegram. The customer care number is given in the above table from where you can contact them. Apart from this, you can also contact the teacher of the Daman game who will help you in winning.

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